Jedediah Nish Hutchison

 A MANS MAN. Might be that he grew up with three brothers, he comes by it naturally. He enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, golfing, roping and riding. Patience is one of his most admirable qualities, he has been married 6 years, he has learned patience. Steak and potatoes are the way to his heart. He eats chocolate like a woman.  Handsomein all aspects of the word and always smells great. He has an amazingly strong conviction in his faith, so much so that he spent two years in Canada looking for people to share the gospel with. No man, should be allowed to look as good as he does in his Sunday best !! Being raised in a small town played a pivotal roll in choosing a major in Animal Science and Environmental Studies he will graduate in the spring. aggie.(he also is a certified auctioneer)He loves the simplicity of life in the country. When it came to sports he loves them all.When it comes to work, he gets down and dirty. Not only is he great with people but he is a real horseman, Heaven only knows how much time he could really spend researching bloodlines. Whatever Jed decides he is going to do he does and does it well.He also loves a good home project. He can't stand a surprise and has been known to open Christmas presents a WEEK EARLY. 

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