Shyane Rachel Hutchison

No early bird here. She loves nothing more than to sleep in. Prefers a good chick flick. An esthetician by trade. Loves the beauty industry and all that it  entails, She needs regular facials it keeps her skills honed, right ? She works at the Money 4 Life Center helping people get out of debt, sitting at a computer for 10 hrs a day, not the ideal jobbut it's nice to know that you are doing your part to change AMERICA one family at a time. She loves meeting new people and learning about their journeys. Loves to make new creations either in the KITCHEN or with a DIY project!! Has been known to read cookbooks in her leisure time. Spends much of her time reading about healtheven though she doesn't always apply what she has learned, it's nice to know what one should be doing......!  A small town girl who loves the simple life having her own chickens, goats, honeybees, fruit trees and beef cows( for Jeds sake) sound about perfect!! For now.... she will stick to gardening. LOVES OLD PEOPLE, they have so much wisdom and have seen so much change in the world.  Loves road tripsgetting Jed trapped in the car for long periods of time is her idea of a GOOD TIME. Good musicgood foodfreshly washed sheets, a good bargain and art in any form make her HAPPY.

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