Our Story

  When you are from a small town......the county fair is typically the highlight of your summer, and  I dare say, year!! Everyone loves fair food, cotton candy, funnel cakes, carmel apples, and smoked turkey legs, right? If its not the fair food that gets ya, three nights of PRCA rodeo surly wouldn't let you down. A whole week of hanging out with your friends or cashin in on your 4H project, thats all lovely but its not what I am talking about ....I am talking about the stuff Chris Ledoux RIP sings about....Nothing makes you fall in love like a night at the County Fair. ......... That is where it all started the county fair, even though we didn't really start dating until football season. Jed would take me on the funnest dates. coon hunting. rabbit hunting. horseback riding.( all of this hunting makes me sound kind of dark). and the rodeos!! 
I left for cosmetology school and 3 months later Jed left on his mission!! While he was in the MTC I lived 7 blocks from him, sheer toucher- knowing he was just down the road. I REALLY MISSED HIM.
  When Jed got home from CANADA (mission) he moved to Arizona to work. When he first got home things didn't really click. He was in an adjustment period and I was going through a learning phase myself.(glad I made it through that phase) I dated. Jed dated. and  we talked on the phone....then got hitched!! Surprised ourselves and our families. Jed says that I made him marry me that quick but.... I remember the story a little differently!! Jed was in AZ Jan, Feb, and March. He flew home the end of March  got down on one knee, I said YES. We where married JUNE, 1 2006 in the Manti Temple. We drove through people moving cows, trailer loads of turkeys with feathers flying everywhere, cute little towns, to find this beautiful castle on the hill. It was the most perfect day!!

After marriage we lived in Albion for a year, then Florida for a summer sales job, and found ourselves in logan so Jed could go to school!!. We started off in the trailer park # 171 we have good memories there( the wind blew right threw that little place.) I think our gas bill was more than our rent. That lead us to our townhouse in Smithfield where we are NOW (except for the one year that Jed did an internship in American Falls, I commuted back to Logan EVERY thursday morning, it was brutal.) We have great friends from American falls that made it all worth it because intern pay and hours, mmmm not so much.

Back in Logan and we couldn't be happier, there is just something about the Cache valley. This summer we had a ball riding our bikes, taking care of our garden (if anybody likes squash let us know we will have tons), and enjoying the time we had to spend together. We love the fall time the colors on the mountainsides, football, and the crisp morning air; does life get any better? Oh, I about forgot to mention our institute class every Tuesday night! If you are looking for a cheap date filled with the spirit and holding hands with the one you love get signed up now! It seriously is so great our teacher Bro Jacobs is awesome. 

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