Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well- i will be honest, for me..at times...it is paralyzing. i understand that many women deal with fear in pregnancy but when you have walked through a miscarriage or multiple for that matter,and before that years of infertility, thought everything was great and have been blind sited.... it has the potential to really mess with you. 
So being that i am terrified....i thought a perfect opportunity to tell you i that will  take it day by day

i have fully prepared myself to walk into the doctors office and see a little baby with no heartbeat.  
But you know what that is doing?
 it's robbing me of my joy...my excitement for this beautiful life growing in me. 
i will enjoy  the thought of the way that your  body changes perfectly to  accommodate  another.
i will celebrate morning sickness and exhaustion 
if it ends in another loss i will celebrate  three children that we will raise on the other side and know.. that God has a plan even though i don't understand i will trust in Him.

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