Friday, June 1, 2012


Today is our anniversary, I am sitting here in Logan at the kitchen table getting ready to drive to Idaho. Jed is in Cleveland Ohio, Jed volunteered to go after work was left in a pinch so that they could fulfill their contracts..... Just another reminder of the WONDERFUL MAN that I am married to. I made the best decision of my whole life to marry such a wonderful man. He has only been at this job for a month but willingly volunteers to take a 2 week trip to places that he has never been before, not to mention doing something he had never been trained on, But says with a SMILE, I WILL FIGURE IT OUT. JED I LOVED YOU IN THE BEGINNING, I LOVE YOU STILL ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL... I LOVE THAT YOU ARE SUCH A HARD WORKER. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE DEDICATED TO WHATEVER YOU DO I LOVE THAT YOU DONT ONLY HAVE ONE PLAN IN MIND BUT ARE FLEXIBLE I LOVE THAT YOU TAKE THE DOG TO THE BABYSITTER SO I DONT HAVE TO GO FEED HIM ALONE IN THE DARK I LOVE THAT YOU CALL ME THE QUEEN AND TREAT ME LIKE ONE TOO I LOVE THAT YOU RIDE BIKES WITH ME EVEN THOUGH I KNOW YOU WOULD RATHER BE ON YOUR HORSE I LOVE THAT HE IS SO SUPPORTIVE OF ANY WILD IDEA I GET. I LOVE WHEN YOU PUT COLOGNE ON BEFORE I GET HOME!! I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE DINNER MADE WHEN I HAVE HAD TO WORK LATE. I LOVE THAT YOU ARE A WORTHY PRIESTHOOD HOLDER. I LOVE THAT YOU CAN HANDLE ALL FIVE CONVERSATIONS I THROW AT YOU ALL AT ONCE. I LOVE THAT YOUR FAMILY MEENS SO MUCH TO YOU I LOVE THAT YOU ARE COMPASSIONATE WHEN I HAvE A BAD DAY. I LOVE THAT YOU WORK SO HARD AT SCHOOL EVEN THOUGH YOU HATE SITTING IN A CLASSROOM, BUT YOU DO YOUR BEST BECAUSE YOU KNOWS IT WILL BE BEST FOR OUR FAMILY. I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK IN YOUR SUNDAY BEST I LOVE THAT YOU RACE ME TO THE BABIES AT FAMILY PARTIES I LOVE THAT YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLY PATIENT I LOVE THAT YOU WRITE ME LOVE NOTES. I LOVE THAT YOU STARTS MY CAR WHEN ITS COLD OUTSIDE. I AM MARRIED TO MY BEST FRIEND AND I TRULEY COUNT IT AS MY CHOICE BLESSING. The last six years has been quite a journey we have moved 8 times, had 9 different Vehicles, 13 different horses and 4 dogs. The road has had its bumps like Jed assured me it would, it has surly not played out like we had planned, But every single BUMP and unexpected detour has brought us closer together. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE, you are my FAIRYTALE

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