Monday, July 23, 2012


July 1st was Jeds Birthday, The BIG 28 .....and my does he make it look good!! We decided to head out of town to CELEBRATE. We planned a road trip to Sun Valley ( i should rephrase that, when we road trip we plan NOTHING basically we just took OFF) Let me tell you it was much needed as Jed was out of town the ENTIRE month of JUNE ( except 2 days). We had a great time it was my maiden voyage to REDFISH LAKE, I cant believe that I am native to Idaho and have never been there!! BREATH TAKING, it is just amazing how clear that water was. We took our BIKES, ate great FOOD, RELAXED, TALKED about childhood memories, Jed had a MASSAGE and he also bought me a FACIAL on HIS birthday.......HE IS SO GREAT!! ALL -in-ALL we had a GREAT TIME!! We returned home just in time for the ANNUAL Malta 3rd of JULY Celebration!! As well as the Parade in Albion on the 4th....... MY MOMMA pulled through with another GREAT FLOAT for ATC.

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